Vision & Mission

Vision: Transforming Media for a Wholesome World

Mission: Professionals with Integrity

Motto: Values in Visuals

 “Holistic Media” means

  •        Media that upholds moral and spiritual values
  •          Media that is technologically competent and up to date
  •          Media that provides a pleasant visual and listening experience
  •          Media that reaches even to the poorest section of the society
  •         Media that educates, entertains and inspires

“Wholesome World” means

  •          World in which the moral and spiritual values prevail
  •          World that gives justice to all sections of the society
  •         World that cares for others


St Joseph College of Communication is founded with the vision of creating a wholesome world through a holistic media. It can be realised only when people with right skills, aptitude, attitude and perspective are ready to devote their career to serve the society through media. Hence our mission is to bring forth creative, constructive and positive changes in the media industry by providing talented media professionals with sound knowledge, high level of technical competence, right vision and high regard for moral and spiritual values. We aim at and are dedicated to the integral development of every student enrolled here and we strive hard to mould professionals who can inculcate values through visuals.

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