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Cinema and Television are the most important sources through which present day man as a spectator finds fulfilment in Entertainment, Information, Education, and Adventure and in various other areas. At a higher level, he attains an insight regarding artistic values. Cinema has a history of more than hundred years and Television about sixty. Both originated on different technological bases and therefore, for sometime there was aggressive antagonism between the two. However, further advancement forced inter-dependability between the two and in most of the areas there is a healthy synthesis of technologies.


A course in Cinema and Television at the Master's level is a professional step towards successful careers in Cinema and Television. The multiplicity of Television channels being a reality, a formal training in these areas will equip the students with adequate confidence and leadership to take up challenging careers. The following syllabus tries to impart adequate training in Cinema and Television at the M.A. level. The course has a symmetrical approach -that is, four semesters. Emphasis is laid on practical and projects. The course ends with a Graduation Film. All the students are given training on DSR-400 and HDV Cameras, Avid and FCP in Editing, Pro-tools in Audio. Moreover, they make a workshop film in Cinemascope and Colour. 'Prathyasa'- was the first film made on workshop bases which won Kerala Critics Association Best Short Film Award. In addition it was selected for IFFK 2008 and also inveild at VIBGYOR

Course Summary of MA Cinema and Television


Course/Paper Semester 1


 Course/Paper Semester 2

1. Techniques of Cinema and Television-  Visual aspect

2. Techniques of Cinema and Television-  Audio aspect

3. Techniques of Cinema and Television- Editing aspect

4. Methods of Shooting

 5. Project I

1. Short Films & Documentaries

2. Television Shorts & Film shorts

3. Shaping the Content

4. Shaping the Form

5. Shooting within TV studio

6. Project II (Investigative Journalism)



Course/Paper Semester 3


 Course/Paper Semester 4

1. Art & Craft of Cinema & TV

2. Cinema & Television Process of Consolidation

3. Growth of Cinema & Television as an Art Form

4. Synthesis of Cinema & TV Techniques

5. Media Ethics and Education Project III (Dubbing)

6.Semester ending project III

   Dubbing methods

1. Internship

2. Structure of A Fiction Film

3. Practical Analysis: Fiction Film

4. Project IV (Graduation Film)

5. Viva Voce


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