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Multimedia represents the future in most industries including architecture, advertising, business, education, entertainment, research and technology. It is both sophisticated and versatile and will help humankind to develop innovative ways to deliver information in this era of global communication. It is said that if Michelangelo were alive today, he would be working in video.

 The relevance of multimedia to our current society and the effect that new technology may have on future social trends cannot be underestimated. The efforts of graphics and multimedia designers largely shape much of how we perceive ourselves in our contemporary culture. The visual dominance of our digital age is produced by them. As new technology is developed, the opportunities for graphics and multimedia professional will continue to fan out with more and more variations.


The MA in Multimedia is a 2- year Post Graduate - level program intended to teach students how to create, deliver and present contents in a variety of different media. The Master of Multimedia aims to produce graduates with a broad range of multimedia production skills, in addition to an in-depth understanding of how multimedia is revolutionizing the current industry. Students will be taught the fundamental skills associated with production of multimedia projects in industry- standards.

     Course Summary of MA Multimedia


 Course/Paper Semester 1



 Course/Paper Semester 2

1.Mass Communication: Sociology and Cognitive Psychology (Theory)

2.Print & Electronic Journalism ( Practical)

3.Raster & Vector Graphics (Practical)

4.History of Animation and Graphic Design (Theory)

5.3D Computer Graphics (Practical)

6.Semester Ending Project I

1.Writing For Fiction And Non - Fiction ( Practical)

2. Creating The Visual Structure Of Film And T V (Theory)

3.Basic Techniques For Image And Audio ( Practical)

4.Methods Of Shooting - (Practical)

5.3D Animation

6.Semester Ending Project II



 Course/Paper Semester 3



Course/Paper Semester 4

1.Production Techniques : Radio ( Practical)

2.Visual  And Audio Communications ( Practical)

3.Web & Interactive Media ( Practical)

4.Advanced Principles of Animation ( Practical)

5.Media Ethics & Education (Theory)

6.Semester Ending Project III


2..Scripting And Shooting A Fiction/Non-Fiction Of 10mts  Duration.

3.Graphic Design Project

4.Animation Project


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