BA Visual Communication

The course aims at producing culture conscious, development oriented, socially responsible and committed media professionals by enabling students get exposed to the whole spectrum of Visual Communication

       Course Summary of BA Visual Communication


Course/Paper - Semester 1


Course/Paper - Semester 2

English I: Creative writing I

Art and Visual perception I

Craft for Still Image

Art of Basic Drawing 

Design Basics

English II Conversational Skills

       Art and Visual Perception II

       Advanced Drawing Skills

       Fundamentals of Animation

       Creative Space and Communication


Course/Paper - Semester 3


Course/Paper - Semester 4

Sound and Communication

       Screen Play Writing- Content Creation

       Animation Production

       Graphic Design I

       Editing Practicals

Image and Visual Communication II

       Graphic Design II

       Getting Started with Digital Animation

       3D Animation

       Video Production


Course/Paper - Semester 5


Course/Paper - Semester 6

Stop Motion Animation

        Designing For the web

        Visual Effects

        Film Studies

        Moving Images and Visual Communication

  Advertising (Theory)

          Advertising (Practical)


          Animation or Graphic Design Project

          Fiction Project



Internal Evaluation


Internal Evaluation is an effective and continuous assessment of the student based on specific guidelines.

  Key Facts





Graduate Degree


MG University
3 Years


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