BA Audiography & Digital Editing

A basic programme in Audiography and Digital Editing is the initial step towards a formal and graded approach for a profession in Audiography and Electronic  Editing .  


The programme gives an opportunity for the students to develop the basic skills in Audiography & Digital Editing. Subjects like Cinema and Video Production along with communicative skills in English 

          Course Summary  BA Audiography & Digital Editing


Course/Paper - Semester 1



Course/Paper - Semester 2

English I:  Creative writing I

Art and Visual perception I

Sound: Nature and Treatment

Introduction to Music

Still Photography

  English II: Conversational Skills

  Art and Visual Perception II

  Sound: Production and Reproduction

  Introduction to Film and Video Technology

  Script Writing & Story Boarding           


Course/Paper - Semester 3


Course/Paper - Semester 4

Audio Programmes

       Editing Principles

       Shooting Methods

       Digital Audio Fundamentals

       Editing Studio I

Visual Effects Studio I

       Audio Studio 

       Editing Studio II 

       Visual Effects Studio II

       Live Mixing & Recording


Course/Paper - Semester 5


Course/Paper - Semester 6

3D Editing

Dubbing FX Recording and Rerecording

Film Appreciation

Media Ethics

Digital Cinema Editing



Multichannel Audio Mixing & Rerecording OR Radio Drama Production

       Segment Recording with Multitrack 

       Analysis of Fiction/Non Fiction Film

       Music Video Production

        Film Project

        Internship I

        Internship II

 *    Assessment

Internal Evaluation


Internal Evaluation is an effective and continuous assessment of the student based on specific guidelines.

 Key Facts





Graduate Degree


MG University
3 Years


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