BA Animation and Visual Effect

Animation and Visual effect program prepares graduates for a wide range of careers in the industry such as 3D Animation,2D animation, film, visual effects, TV motion graphics, game industry, advertisement industry etc

The skills taught in the program encompass craft at a technical level; yet also include design, drawing, critical thinking, creativity, daring, collaboration, and fundamental awareness of theory and history. Throughout the program students are engaged in all aspects of Animation/Visual effect design and production. The program starts from concept development and production design to the completion of finished segments. 


The course gives an opportunity for the students to develop the basic skills in Animation, Visual Effects, Multimedia, Graphic Design and Film Production along with communicative skills in English

          Course Summary BA Animation and Visual Effect


Course/Paper - Semester 1



Course/Paper - Semester 2

English I: Creative Writing

Art and Visual Perception I

Computer Fundamentals

Elements of Graphic Design

Drawing for Animation

History of Animation                 

Art and Visual Perception II

Animation Studio                  

Character modelling and texturing using Maya

Raster and Vector Graphics                     


Course/Paper - Semester 3


Course/Paper - Semester 4

Acting for Animation 

3D Animation using Maya

Principles of Photography

Architectural Modelling using 3Ds Max

Motion Graphics using After effects

Basics of the Grammar & Visual Language

Videography and Editing

Visual Effects Paper I

2D Animation in Flash

Dynamics and Particles in 3D 


Course/Paper - Semester 5


Course/Paper - Semester 6

Visual Effects Paper II

Advanced Animation in Flash
Animation Studio II 

3D Animation Practice II 
Set Designing and Miniature Making

Animation Project
Visual Effect Project

Project Exhibition and seminar

Internship I

Internship II

 *    Assessment

Internal Evaluation


Internal Evaluation is an effective and continuous assessment of the student based on specific guidelines.

 Key Facts





Graduate Degree


MG University
3 Years


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