Our faculty is comprised of well-known media people, who are respected in both academic community and media world. The members of the faculty are in touch with the changes taking place in the media world, and inculcate in students media study that is modern and relevant. They are a dynamic, interactive group of knowledge leaders made up of foremost authorities in their fields.

              The faculty challenges the students to consider the media world from new perspectives and the students benefit from the faculty's vast experience. Moreover, the faculty at SJCC promotes a culture that encourages open discussion, fosters superior communication, and creates new possibilities.

              They ignite in students the quest for innovation, commitment to education and devotion to excellence. Faculty is drawn from reputed media colleges, media houses, print and electronic doyens and eminent persons servicing in the field. The students are take to industry visits where they get to know the original workings in the professional world so that they correlate theory with the practicals.  SJCC firmly believes in application- oriented learning, and towards this objective, to simulate industry environment through live projects.


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